Mindful movement and inner balance
El Tao Azul, nestled beside the sea in Nerja, offers a haven for yoga, mindful movement, therapeutic practices, and inner balance. Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching, a 2,500-year-old Chinese text, this space embodies true peace. 
Inspired by Tao Té Ching book
In this sacred book, Master Lao Tzu equips us with tools for navigating life with ease. He guides us towards nature as a source of inspiration for our daily lives. He encourages us to surrender to the flow of life's events, and to cultivate a sense of centeredness, deeply connected to our true selves. 
Flow like water
Water becomes a powerful metaphor for our life's journey. Its gentle flow serves as an inspiration for how we might navigate our own existence. Lao Tzu invites us to embody its essence, to become like water. 
At El Tao Azul Nerja, our practices all share a common thread: cultivating the art of letting go and embracing fluidity, mirroring the effortless flow of water. 

Nothing in the world is as soft and flexible as water. However, to dissolve what is hard and inflexible, nothing can surpass it. The soft overcomes the hard, the soft overcomes the rigid. 

Lao Tsé

I invite you to participate in the Tao Azul activities in Nerja, your place of peace next to the sea.

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The Miracles
Thursday July 25th at 9 p.m.

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