SoniAmar's Magical Night at El Tao Azul: A Celebration of Life and Self-Love


Last night's SoniAmar concert at Tao Azul was truly magical. Every song resonated with profound and intimate messages that stirred our souls and ignited our hearts.

"Mas Allà" urged us to see beyond the binary of good and evil, to pierce the veil of the visible and discover the other in their purest form, free from judgment and pretense. It was also a call for self-discovery, an invitation to embrace our authentic selves in the raw light of truth.

SoniAmar's message was clear: embrace your fellow human beings, offer kind and genuine words. A simple expression can make someone's day, showering them with the things they crave most: connection, affection, and support. She reminded us that serving others shouldn't be a burden, for love is the driving force that compels us.

"Me quiero" (I love myself), with its playful clown nose imagery, encouraged us to embrace childlike freedom. It's okay to make mistakes, to shed inhibitions and experience the joy of hugging, one arm at a time, while singing a declaration of self-love.

Another powerful song, "Me declaro inocente de vivir" (I declare myself innocent of living), had us singing in unison. It's a message of acceptance: we are innocent if we stumble or fail to meet expectations. We can learn from our missteps, keep moving forward, and always strive to do our best.

"Pulsos" (Pulses) implored us to listen to the messages within, that intuitive feeling in our gut that guides us even when it feels frightening. This inner wisdom leads us down the right path. We must trust our instincts and navigate life with open hearts.

"La semilla" (The Seed) spoke of the seeds sown within us by the people who touch our lives. By nurturing these seeds and reflecting on the lessons they hold, we cultivate beautiful flowers in our own personal garden.

In essence, SoniAmar's concert was a celebration of life, urging us to embrace it with the same fearless spirit as a child. Let go of negativity, embrace stumbles and rises, and find joy in every moment, unburdened by circumstance or emotion. After all, life is meant to be savored, for we are stardust, a truth we sometimes forget.